Losing Weight on the Cheap


Do you want to know how to lose weight on the cheap? This is what worked for me; maybe it will help you drop those stubborn pounds that refuse to go away. I’m a former football player, and after I stopped playing I put on a few extra unwanted pounds.

I tried expensive diets and workouts plans, but nothing seemed to work and the only weight I was losing was coming out of my wallet.
I used to think in able to have a ripped beach body it was going to take a massive amount of time, money, and discipline, I was wrong.

In fact, after I made a few minor lifestyle changes the weight fall off a lot easier than I ever thought it would. The first thing I had to realize about losing weight is getting fit is not about looking good it is about being healthy; looking good thankfully is a by-product of being healthy and getting healthy doesn’t have to cost a ton of money.

For those who prefer going to the gym or working out with a trainer there are plenty of gyms that are offering discounts due to the bad economy, so finding an affordable gym shouldn’t be that hard. If you do choose to join a gym and you need a trainer, bring in your own if possible.

I am not saying this because of the qualifications of the trainers at the gym; not at all most professional trainers are surely qualified it’s just that if they work for the gym they will probably cost more because they have to pay a portion of their earnings to the gym.

If you decide to bring in your own trainer from outside the gym, that is a cost that will not be passed on to you. If you are like me and you do not have the time to hit the gym four days a week, or if you simply cannot afford it here is a cheap workout you can do in the comfort of your own home with minimum equipment.

The Equipment:

1) Three workout bands: yellow, blue, and black.
You can find them at any retail store for less than twenty dollars for the set. The great thing about exercise bands other than the fact that they are very cheap as you can do a whole workout with them.

2) Two thirty five pound dumbbells, another easy to find the item
If you want to try to save a few bucks you can get them used at Play it Again Sports, or you can find them at retail stores such as Meijer, Wal-mart, and even Target.

3) And as for my cardio, I have a treadmill, but if you do not have a treadmill, a regular brisk walk will do and the good thing about a walk is it is free. Getting fit does not have to cost a bundle of money and it does not have to take more than 30 or 40 minutes a day.

Try to exercise at least three times a week for 30 minutes and the pounds will begin to fall off. Small daily lifestyle changes are all it takes, instead of chips try fruit, instead of juice try water small changes like that make a huge difference.

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