The son that was too bold to be good

With stiff knees that would not bend

Away, rejected by thine light

Cast forever to the dark

With mournful eyes

Looking to the murky sky

And cry

Hear me!

 I am my father’s son!

He who would not know his place

He who would rather rule, then serve

I am my father’s son!

My vengeance remains whole

Shining as bright as your December star

And as the light fades into the dark

They will feel my pain

As long as humanity remains

They will feel my pain.


Devil in disguise

Addicted in a broken town

Car broke down right at the edge of town

The night was silent and cold

Is it my heart or did she want my soul

The blood moon is my sun

Far from the fire of the raging sun


This addiction is my pain

It felt so good I think I’ll do it again

The Devil in disguise

She kissed my lips, and then she drained me dry

Black skies over me

I Pray to God, but to me she won’t speak


Her love is pain and it cuts through the bone

She left me stranded, lost and all on my own

A slave, I will never be free

She’s kissing me now, she’s got her hooks deep in me

Cursed to never grow old

Trapped in a body lost and without a soul.




Tainted Souls


Lucius Wilson

All Rights Reserved©2015

We are the stain

Spreading slow

Rolling black,

The heaviness of deeds

Grinding, metal upon metal

Until we are nothing but tainted souls,

Specters, fading into the murky night


 Black Moon Sky


Lucius Wilson

All Rights Reserved©2015

Black Hole


 The burning sun bores a hole through me

I surrendering to fate and fall to my knees

I close my eyes as darkness swallows me

Merciful death I pray come and claim me

Between life and death I hang suspended and free

The black moon sky comes and covers me

The sweltering heat purifies me

Her angle’s eyes look right through me

Without a word she speaks to me

Her smoothing pain is comforting

So black and beautiful she sings to me

The songs of the night lays claim to me

The black moon sky hangs over me

The wondrous night falls down upon me

Reborn to life she finally see

Her blood is my life and now she’s free






 Illustration All rights reserved ©2016 L.Wilson
Text All rights reserved©2016 L.Wilson