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From the Page to the Silver Screen: 3 Essential Screenwriting Tips


It seems like everyone and their mother has a film script or a screenplay idea, the question is how can you make your screenplay stand out in a sea of bad scripts. It’s simple, follow these tips and watch your script go from the page to the silver screen.

Tips For Screenwriting

The most important part of any screenplay is the story. It doesn’t matter if your screenplay is in the perfect format, and completely error free. If the story is no good it won’t matter. The most important thing to remember is that it all begins and ends with the story.

1. Keep it simple.

A good screenplay in its most basic form is about someone doing something they really don’t want to do, but if they don’t do it something really bad will happen. Drama, in other words, conflict is what keeps the story moving and the reader reading.

2. Script Format

Having the right format is very important. If the script doesn’t look right on the page it is going to get tossed. It’s a harsh, but true reality. Not enough white on the page is a flashing red light signaling to the reader or producer that this screenwriter is not quite ready for primetime and off to the trash heap your script will go.

Know the proper format. There is no excuse for getting the format wrong; there are a lot of books out and even some free software that can help you get it right, use them.

3. Grammar

Take the time to spell check. It sounds simple and easy but you would be surprised at the number of people who don’t do this.
Being lazy, and doing things half-hearted will only get you half way there. Sending in a script without making sure that the grammar is correct sends the message that you’re not serious and that you are lazy. It’s not hard to do.

Take the time and check your grammar. There are a lot of good sites on the web that offer free trial periods, take advantage of them. I recommend using a couple of different ones that way you’ll be sure not to miss any mistakes. It is very important that your script looks and reads like a professional’s.